Rope Burn 2 – Anna H – TheLifeErotic

Duration : 2 min
Categories : Petite
Description : 'Rope Burn' starts dramatically, with sexy brunette Anna H lying prone on the bed in her underwear, restrained by rope ties around her wrists and ankles. It soon becomes apparent that she can escape her bonds whenever she chooses, but she seems to be enjoying the feel of the coarse rope against her soft skin. Indeed, having freed herself, she begins to stroke the rope between her legs, and then to pull her panties tight and rub them against her crotch. Once naked, she begins a thorough and intense exploration of her pussy, teasing her clit with her red-tipped fingernails and then sliding her fingers right inside. Her breath comes in gasps as she finger-bangs herself steadily, turning to thrust into her hot hole more vigorously from behind. On her back again, her legs raised high and cheeks spread to expose her tight asshole, she diddles herself rapidly until a powerful orgasm hits her.
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